Part Two of Single Lovers Explain Why They’re Single | Poetry Collaboration with Yassy

single lovers explain why their single
Photo from Emma Ritter on Pinterest

She dated her hare
They lay their hearts a-bare
He writes, in rush
With Michelangelo brush
On easel with no inch to spare.

But, shrieking with a shatter,
Her cup goes splitter-splatter.
The clumsy cursed
That lovely versed
Now latte’s on the latter.

To Venice on carrot stick,
A charmed Gondola trick.
On Grande-Canal
Sing lover’s chorale
And guitars played double quick.

But the night was getting late,
His lyre induced headache.
His heart-cloying
His voice-annoying
Arrivaderci, date.

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Single Lovers Explain Why They’re Single: Part 1

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