Cepes and Tuberose (Aftelier) | Fragrance Poetry

cepes and turberose fragrance review poetry
Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

There were cepes on our plate.
à “La Ville Lumiere” – we ate.
They’ve told the tale:
No peers prevail
from hearts you confiscate.

You dripped with tuberose
and bitter orange and rose.
Away I went,
Seduced by scent
Like magic to my nose.

We ventured to the wood
as Hansel and Gretel would.
But cocoa castles,
harms and hassles!
And I’m Red Riding Hood.

There was magic in the shroom.
I was lost in porcini doom.
After I ate
I Hallucinate.
Be careful what you consume.

There were cepes on our plate.
You bewitched me on that date.
They’ve told the tale:
No peers prevail!
My heart, you did confiscate.

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