The Taste of Two Lovers | Poetry Collab with WildHeart

The Taste of Two Lovers. . .

the taste of two lovers
Photo by WildHeart

Coffee or chai, they ask. . .
Why does a choice have to be made?
Like it defines your personality,
Like you can only love one. . .
. . .Or can you only have one love?

Of course, there’s my dear coffee…
With its caramelized smell
That sweep me off my feet,
And it’s oh so yummy taste,
Which wakes me from my deepest slumber.
Black coffee without sugar,
For when I’m on a diet,
Or looking for an extra push.
Milk coffee with extra sugar,
For when I need my comfy caffeine,
To deal with the world, so tiring.
And fun filled cold coffee,
Always with some new twist,
That’s my favorite chill pill!
Oh! How I love coffee!

Or. . . is chai the one I love?
She woos with with her aroma,
As she grinds her cardamon with mortar and pestle,
Like an enchantress building a love potion.
Then she adds hot cinnamon and fresh ginger,
A real spice of life!
Throws in a medicinal bay leaf, like I’m sick
And my only cure is her love.
She mixes the magic of the tea leaves
And smooths it out with white milk
Finally, she sweetens her deception with sugar
So, when I kiss the cup, I’m in eternal bliss
And by the time I’ve drunk my fill
I’m head-over heels in love.

I guess I should have known from the start,
There’s many chambers in my heart,
Some secured for coffee,
And some for my dearest chai.
They each have their own magic,
To choose one. . .would be tragic!

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Popcorn Romance | Poetry Collaboration with Cassa Bassa

Third time’s a charm! I’m happy to present my THIRD collaboration with Cassa Bassa from “Flicker of Thoughts!” This one is called “Popcorn Romance.” Have you ever been in a “Popcorn Romance?”

popcorn romance poetry
Photo by Lynda Sanchez on Unsplash

He likes me
He really likes me
He really really likes me!
All clouds in the sky is everything wonderful in paradise
His smile makes Zac Efron’s fake
His eyes are a candy store I am lost in
His humour is the centre of an amusement park
His kisses melt on my lips like pink fairy floss
He makes me feel like buttercups
And butterflies dance in my stomach
As I sip from his cup of cola
I hope our saga never ends

Three months bubblegum romance
Bursts forth a rich flavour
artificial sugar induced decay
Leaves exposed nerve toothache
buttercups lead to a stomach ache
Just like butterflies lead to indigestion
Too much cola – I’m too wired to sleep
And this tired saga needs a finale. . .

Our short lived romance is like popcorn
Never lasts to the end of the movie before they’ve gone stale
What I first craved is now just a headache
And I’m ready to go home
As I leave, I turn and give one last glance
Hey, you never know when you’ll crave popcorn again

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Part Two of Single Lovers Explain Why They’re Single | Poetry Collaboration with Yassy

single lovers explain why their single
Photo from Emma Ritter on Pinterest

She dated her hare
They lay their hearts a-bare
He writes, in rush
With Michelangelo brush
On easel with no inch to spare.

But, shrieking with a shatter,
Her cup goes splitter-splatter.
The clumsy cursed
That lovely versed
Now latte’s on the latter.

To Venice on carrot stick,
A charmed Gondola trick.
On Grande-Canal
Sing lover’s chorale
And guitars played double quick.

But the night was getting late,
His lyre induced headache.
His heart-cloying
His voice-annoying
Arrivaderci, date.

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Single Lovers Explain Why They’re Single: Part 1

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