Date for Men (Fragrance One) | Fragrance Poetry

Fragrance Poetry inspired by Fragrance One – Date for Men.

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Let’s not complicate this. But not fake this.
You’re so cute – I decided to take this.
I’m feeling playful tonight. . .


You’re the kind of guy that can hypnotize.
That “player” cologne. . .that look in your eyes. . .
I think I’m stuck on you. . .


Come on, there’s more than just “player” to me.
But my deeper layers take time to see.
Just give me a chance. . .


Feelings hit the hardest when I don’t even try.
You seem like a “real-man,” I can’t deny.
But I need to know for sure. . .


Just do one thing for me. . .
Before we try to decide if it’s fate.
Let’s just unwind – enjoy what this is. . . “Date.”

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