Full Incense by Montale is Perfume Poetry

Stalled thoughts searching slowly for a new home.
Back-and-forth, floating like a memory.
Swaying incense – a swinging pendulum.
Hearts convalesce by holy remedy.

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Fragrance Poetry inspired by Full Incense from Montale.

montale full incense poetic fragrance review
Photo by Kenny Luo on Unsplash

Swaying incense imitates pendulums.
The back-and-forth, swaying like memories.
Priceless moments, suddenly expired.
It leaves a lot left to be desired.

Your classic aftershave signature scent.
The varnish on the pews. . cedar ceilings.
Soft, grey skies. Long-lost relatives’ faces.
How stalled thoughts drift to new and old places.

I slide down to the brown kneeling cushion.
Life keeps ticking like the incense swinging.
Familiarity often brings peace.
But I’m saying “Goodbye” down on my knees.

Here, at a funeral, hearts convalesce.
Lost in thought by the scent of “Full Incense.”

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