Jubilation XXV (Amouage) | Fragrance Poetry

Fragrance poetry inspired by Jubilation XXV from Amouage.

amouage jubilation xxv fragrance poetry review
Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

I’ve been caught by troubles
like a sheep in Rock Rose,
Cultivating my life in a land
Of blackberries and brown thorns.

One day, we glimpsed our Savior.
But, He was buried just as soon,
Anointed with myrrh and aloes.
Wrapped in a sobering white shroud.

This was to be the year of Jubilee,
When debts were forgiven – slaves set free.
He would soothe and sweeten my bitter life
Like oranges and honey.

But. . .our debts required a sacrifice – His sacrifice.
And as His righteousness rose to Heaven
Like the smoke of a Holy incense,
So, too, from the grave He would rise.

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