Day and Night (Fragrance One) | Fragrance Poetry

Poetry inspired by the fragrances Day and Night from Fragrance One.

day night fragrance one poetry review
Photo by Joshua Moussa on Unsplash

I hate the taste of caramel,
Particularly with vanilla,
Like the milkshake we first shared.
That summer night was just the start.

I hate the smell of peaches,
Like under the osmanthus tree
Where we met that day
You broke my heart.

I imagine us day and night;
Night and day.
But now all I’m left with
Is our memory.

I sniff your perfume from
this black bottle that I kept.
But soon you’ll be gone;
Just a few drops of jasmine left.

Why am I disingenuous?
I know I’ll always love you
I’ll always love the things
that remind me of you, too. . .

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