Oud Luban (Aftelier) | Perfume Poetry

Poetry Inspired by the Perfume Oud Luban from Aftelier.

I combed the earth
To find a cure for my wounds
[I am the broken hearted-man].
I roamed past
The lign aloes [planted by God],
And the giant cedars
Reaching to heaven.
Nothing could ease my pain;
Neither khus oil,
Nor the fruit of the goodly tree
Could return my joy.
I prayed for a sign. . .
. . .for a miracle. . .
But I came to the Boswella tree
and swung my axe in faith,
As incense swings through the air
[while smoke ascends like a prayer].
And where blade met bark,
From there’s came the healing milk,
And so the mending
Of a broken heart.

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