Oud Luxuria (Navitus) | Fragrance Poetry

Poetry Inspired by the Fragrance Oud Luxuria from Navitus.

fragrance poetry review oud luxuria navitus
Photo by Matheus Frade on Unsplash

What is it you desire for in life?
They’re trying to squeeze you into a square.
But you prefer to be just slightly off-white.
You aren’t too sharp and you aren’t really soft.
Perhaps a little pungent for their taste.

Considerate words became hard to find –
Hidden in between all of their comments.
Finding them is like collecting saffron
While searching among a field full of weeds.
Are you that standoff-ish?
Their “kind” words pricked you like thorns on a rose.
Wounds that festered like rot on aloeswood.

But you can turn those wounds into beauty.
You can stay fresh with your hint of sweetness.
And growing into who you’re meant to be
Is discovering life’s true luxury.

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