Magnetic Blend (Initio) | Fragrance Poetry

A Haiku Inspired by the Fragrance Magnetic Blend from Initio.

writing perfume poetry initio mag
Photo by Tiko Giorgadze on Unsplash

Fluffy Causerie
Concealed Flirty Pheromones.
Made Her Magnetic.

Click Here to learn more about the Magnetic Blend fragrances from Initio. Read Donna from Valentino. © 2020, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.

Day and Night (Fragrance One) | Fragrance Poetry

Poetry inspired by the fragrances Day and Night from Fragrance One.

day night fragrance one poetry review
Photo by Joshua Moussa on Unsplash

I hate the taste of caramel,
Particularly with vanilla,
Like the milkshake we first shared.
That summer night was just the start.

I hate the smell of peaches,
Like under the osmanthus tree
Where we met that day
You broke my heart.

I imagine us day and night;
Night and day.
But now all I’m left with
Is our memory.

I sniff your perfume from
this black bottle that I kept.
But soon you’ll be gone;
Just a few drops of jasmine left.

Why am I disingenuous?
I know I’ll always love you
I’ll always love the things
that remind me of you, too. . .

Click Here to learn more about Day and Night from Fragrance One. Read about Garanat from Bulgari. © 2020, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.

What’s Up Joe? Fashion Week & New Cologne

What’s up, poets? How’s your week been? I’ve decided to make another post for ranting about my personal life. I called this post “Fashion Week.” And I’m going to talk about my latest acquisition as well as some places I like to get style influences from. Being a guy, this will primarily be focused towards men (sorry, ladies!).

First, which you can see in the image below, I acquired a new cologne. This one costs a pretty penny. But I can tell you, it’s worth it. It’s sweet, masculine, and smoky. It’s also STRONG. That means I can use less sprays. So even though it costs more, I can use less, so I get more bang for my buck. Plus, it’s a real people-pleaser.

Fashion Week
Parfum de Marly Layton

However, the main reason I am making this post is because I wanted to share a few places that I use to help influence my style and fashion. I don’t dress very “artsy.” Being that I work in an office, I tend to always be in nice slacks and a button-up. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to still feel stylish.

Best in Fashion Week.

Jeremy Fragrance. If you follow my blog, then Jeremy is not new to you. Jeremy is a great resource for finding good fragrances. He also has that cool, charming effect that you can draw from. from watching his videos. You will literally feel cooler.

Real Men, Real Style. This vlog, headed by Antonio, is a great resource for guys to learn the basics of men’s style. However, he goes about 100% by fashion rules. So I don’t always follow his advice, but it is good to know what the rules of fashion are before you break them.

Robin James. This is a great source to learn about hair care. What I like about this vlog is that Robin comes from a classy perspective. It’s not ultra trendy, not obnoxious, but very informative, classy and modern.

Justine Leconte. Justine is a fashion designer. So she has a lot to say on her vlog about all the background perspectives that go into style and fashion. What I like the most are all the tips she throws in through-out her videos. She can help you get a nice, solid base for the personal fashion.

Brioni. I just wanted to end by bringing up Brioni. Just going through their featured images of guys like Pierce Bronson or Armie Hammer gives me a whole nother level to aspire to. Not to mention, I also have to Brioni cologne, which I love.

Fashion week
Brioni EDT

Well, poets, I hope you enjoyed this post of “What’s Up, Joe? Fashion Week.” But I’d love to hear where you get your influences from. Leave them in the comment thread below. Also, if you like this kind of post from me, be sure to check out my previous one, “What’s Up, Joe? The Bulgari Portoflio.” Ciao.