Pink Sugar (Aquolina) | Fragrance Poetry

Fragrance poetry (short) inspired by Pink Sugar from Aquolina.

pink sugar aquolina fragrance review poetry
Photo by Susannah Burleson on Unsplash

It was all amusing,
the time at the fair,
but perhaps the most
when confusing cotton candy
with your hair. . .

Just having a little fun with this one! If you’ve never smelled Pink Sugar from Aquolina, simply put, it smells exactly like cotton candy. It’s fun, cheap and easy to find. While being adolescent, it does smell quite nice!

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Recipe of a Man (Brioni) | Fragrance Poetry

Fragrance Poetry inspired by Brioni for Men.

brioni poetic fragrance review
Photo by Gez Xavier Mansfield on Unsplash

Old, dated notes sometimes hide a secret.
I found this stuffed in my father’s suit-coat.
A recipe, if you will, on leaflet.

‘To begin, add a light touch of citrus.
Every man should uplift his family.
Next, mix in some mellow, floral bouquets,
To know when to be soft and satiny.
And last, most important, hard wood resin.
You’re the foundation: Support naturally.’

The final tip to this scribbled tidbit:
‘Don’t assume outfits will make you a man.
But it’s the real man that makes the outfit.’

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Fragrance One Office for Men

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