A Website or Social Media? | Writing Tips

website or social media
Photo by Julián Gentilezza on Unsplash

To be a website or social media page. . . that is the question.

The world has changed a lot since blogging came out in the 90’s. Facebook wasn’t a thing. Instagram wasn’t a thing. It was just people making websites, perhaps with some interaction between them.

But now we’re decades into the 21st century. Social media plays such a huge role in almost everyone’s life! It has transformed everything we do. . .So, has it transformed your blog? I’ve learned the hard way. Blogging isn’t about just publishing your own website for the world to read. It’s about social interaction! Just like posting a photo on Instagram and having all of my friends react, and me reacting to theirs, blogging is the same now. Only I’m posting a full-length poem instead of a picture!

So loosen up. Relax. Make some friends (within healthy boundaries) and begin to explore the social media aspects of what is now the future of blogging.

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