Wood Essence (Bulgari) | Fragrance Poetry

Fragrance poetry inspired by Wood Essence from Bulgari. . .

bulgari wood essence fragrance poetry review
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

I discover peace in creation from the essence of the woods. People can be perplexing but nature is simple. So I rest in my garden, over a spicy bed of coriander. My Cypress trees keep me safe, lined up like a thick green wall. And my cedars stretch to grant me shade.There’s also my lemon tree, who reaches out her gifts to me; her zesty yellow hearts.

But in the center, there’s my Storax – my companion. We both sit solitary – alone in the middle. Sometimes, I see the Storax cut and bleed. He sees my pains as well. And, although he never speaks, I know that he feels them.

The Storax taught me a lesson one day. The first time I saw him pierced, I watched him bleed. But, to my surprise, his sap wasn’t sour. No, it was sweet like Vanilla. I learned, too, that when I’m pierced, I can either bleed sweet or bitter. And it’s in those times that my true inner essence is discovered.

So, when you are pierced and bleed, will you choose to become more sour? Or do you want to be sweet, too, like my friend the Storax tree?

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