Wood Neroli by Bulgari is Perfume Poetry

Yes, I wanna be where my skin turns bronze.
Laying in the shade of pure neroli.
Bringing light where the sun’s already gone,
Making life bloom on a bitter orange tree.

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Photo by Marcos Ramírez on Unsplash

Fragrance Poetry inspired by Bulgari Wood Neroli.

Life is like a bitter orange tree. . .

I close my eyes for a brief siesta.
My dreams sail me to a far-away place.
See, my midday break feels lugubrious.
But in paradise, that’s never the case.

Here, I make my couch among the driftwood.
Yes, my tropical drink is within reach.
The sun would swelter, but I’m in the shade.
Because, in dreams, fruit trees thrive on the beach.

I unlock my eyes, glare at my pale skin.
No, I want to go where my skin turns bronze.
Even orange, I would be OK with that!
But, after work, the sun’s already gone.

Life is like a bitter orange tree. . .
But, if you bloom on the bitter orange tree,
in time, you’ll yield the purest neroli.

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