Tyrannosaurus Rex by Zoologist is Perfume Poetry.

What is the terror falling before me?
It melts away my very heart like molten rock.
Cutting away courage with whetted teeth.
As sending shivers like fingernails against chalk.

A thick pain and decay arrive with the night
As goosebumps spread across my skin tonight.

I’ll be unknown to those who come later.
Just a simple relic of the fall.
But If they find my bones under the layers:
They’ll see a king who still went down standing tall.

A thick pain and decay arrive with the night.
“Long Live the King,” long after tonight.

More about the perfume from Zoologist, Tyrannosaurus Rex. More poetry from The Fragrance Writer, Another 13. Poetry © TheFragranceWriter.com 2021.

Dodo 2020 by Zoologist is Perfume Poetry.

Is it your novelty that seduces?
Or is it how well you’re playing your part?
Like a contradiction – you’re elusive.
And I’ll never see you when we part.

You gave me fresh, green herbs as a bouquet –
But they sweated all day in the sun.
And I never understood you, anyway.
When you pushed me away. . . it still was fun.

Like the Dodo, our connection is extinct.
Like a Dodo, I was dull to follow.
But you gave me a dream to believe in.
You cut me loose, said goodbye,
And then you winked.

More About the Perfume from Zoologist, Dodo (2020). More Poetry from The Fragrance Writer, Rose Anonyme. Poetry © TheFragranceWriter.com 2021.

Rhinoceros by Zoologist is Perfume Poetry

Poetry Inspired by the Perfume Rhinoceros by Zoologist.

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Of Red, Smokey Dust.
Burnt Incense to God, not Man.
Trampled where Feet Tread.

More about the Perfume from Zoologist, Rhinoceros. More Poetry from The Fragrance Writer, The Coveted Duchess Rose. Poetry © TheFragranceWriter.com 2021. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com.